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Getting annual report data with the T1B Excel add-in 2007 Report Wizard

To get annual report data with the Thomson One Banker Excel add-in Report Wizard you need the following:  

  • The Thomson One Banker Excel add-in: which can be downloaded from Thomson One Banker. Click on the Tools bar left under the screen of Thomson One Banker. In the next screen, click the option Download under 'Thomson One Banker (T1B) for Office' and follow the instructions you'll see on the screen. You will get another ribbon in Excel.
  • The login info for Excel add-in (a VPN-connection isn't sufficient) can be found here with your ERNA-account. You login by clicking the yellow lock button in the Thomson One Banker ribbon in Excel (the icon at the left side of the screen). There you can enter the password /username.
  • A list of identifiers for the requested companies: a list of SEDOL-, ISIN-codes, Entity keys from Thomson One Banker or DS Mnemonics from Datastream. Unfortunately the Excel add-in won't understand names or 6-digit CUSIP's!
    How to create such a list of identifiers will be explained here.

The first step: uploading the companies of the server of Thomson ONE Banker

The list of ISIN- or SEDOL-codes, DSMnemonic or EntityKeys must first be uploaded on the central server of Thomson:

  1. Put the codes in a column in an Excel-sheet 
  2. Remove all blank cells (How? Click here)
  3. Click in Excel on the tab Thomson One Banker and choose Upload Portfolio (the third icon from the left)
  4. Select the first cell of the list as 'Starting cell'
  5. Click on 'Browse' and give your list a name and a location (you can e.g. create your own folder)
  6. Click on OK twice

The list is now on the server of Thomson. The list can be downloaded from every pc with an installed Excel add-in.

The second step: getting the annual report data

You can find the Report Wizard in the Thomson One Banker ribbon, in the box Wizards.

The Report Wizard consists of 6 steps:

Step 1: Select Items: which data from the annual report, do you want to download? E.g.:  Total Assets, NetIncome, Sales and so forth.
Click on the button Add/Edit Items for the whole list of items available. In the left corner you can choose between Thomson Financial and Worldscope - Worldscope has some items (like EPS) that are not available in Thomson.
Select one by one the required items and double click, the items are now moved to the box 'Selected Fields and Expressions'. When finished selecting items, click OK: the items will be moved to the box at Step 1.

Step 2: Select Entities: here you can select the companies. The list that you have uploaded can now be downloaded. 
Click on Add Entities. At the left part of the screen you can search companies by name, or identifier manually. If you click on the right on the button Download you can download an already uploaded list of companies.

Step 3: Select the starting period and number of periods: here you can select the years you want to have data for. Fill out the years as Y1999 or Y06, but don't add a specific date! Quarters have to be entered like Q1Y06.

Click Next to go to the other steps:

Step 4: Worksheet options: here you might change the way the output will be presented in Excel.

Step 5: Data options: here you can adjust currency (e.g. everything in Euro) and the scale. If you want to change everything to euro's select Proxy Rates.

Step 6: Program options: the settings of the program can be adjusted, however we hardly ever do that.

If you have done all 6 steps click Finish. It is possible to store your request, however it is not necessary. Thomson will start downloading the requested data. That output needs to be saved.

Sometimes an error message (run-time error) appears. Click here for a solution.