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Annual reports

The complete annual reports, so not only the financial data, but also preface of CEO, future strategic plans etc. are available in two  online databases:

  • Company.info
  • Thomson Research

Both databases can be accessed on campus and at home through a VPN-connection.

Company.info contains business information for over 1,9 million organisations: not only the annual report of public listed companies but also annual reports of private companies or non-profit organisaties like pension funds and cities. More and more international firms, mostly active in the Netherlands, are added. The starting orientation is the Netherlands but its scope is expanding.

Thomson Research contains of annual reports of public listed companies worldwide. The historic coverage differs from company to company but it's larger than available on the Internet. Searching for annual reports in this database works like this:

  • First select at the top the tab 'Document'
  • Next click on 'Filings'
  • Search for the annual report by name, ticker or ISIN-code
  • Limit your search to the Filing type 'ARS - annual report'
  • Click on 'Search'
  • Select your company
  • Click on the I-icon to download the annual report. In the column Filing Date you can see the year of the annual report.

After the appearance of a popup with the message 'retrieving reports', you will be able to view the annual report as a PDF-document.  

Beware: Older annual reports have been scanned as images so they can be very large files. The downloading of these documents can be time consuming.


TIP: Are you looking for social annual reports? The Amsterdam Institute for Labour  Studies (AIAS) has collected many of them. Their archive can be accessed here.