Sulaika Duijsins-Mahangi

How has EUR affected your life?

It’s pretty funny actually. My entire family has always worked in agriculture in Surinam. I’m now the first person in the family to hold a law degree. And that is definitely something to be proud of! I am really happy with it; the study programme I chose means that you serve as a role model. I studied law at EUR and now I work in the legal profession. It is still one of the classic professions, and people still look up to it. In any case, EUR has affected my life by making my grandfather very, very proud!

What’s your challenge?

I have tons of challenges in the near future! I consider my main challenge to be combining my family life with my career. I am currently busy starting up my own law firm, which I’m combining with a happy marriage! A career is very important to me, but there is life outside work too. I am convinced that finding a good balance between my private life and my career is the key to getting the most out of it!