Liberal Arts & Sciences (EUC)

Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences

A small-scale, intensive and residential approach to Liberal Arts & Sciences. 

Erasmus University College (EUC) empowers students to face the challenges arising from an increasingly globalizing and interconnecting world, technological advances and environmental change.

For this we offer a Liberal Arts & Sciences programme, including multidisciplinary courses which are problem-based throughout. At the centre of this approach is our hallmark: tutored groups of 10 students. 

To create a 24/7 academic environment we require EUC students to work and live at tailor-made facilities in the centre of Rotterdam. Extra-curricular activities are as much part of the programme as attending lectures and tutorials.

Why study a Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences in Rotterdam?

Why Erasmus University College?

  • Satisfy your curiosity: gain knowledge in a wide range of disciplines.
  • Experience a personal approach to education in tutored groups of 10 students.
  • Grapple with the complex challenges of today and the future.
  • Achieve personal growth and share your knowledge and skills.
  • A good link with more than 35 Master programmes at Erasmus University.

Career opportunities Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences

Our Bachelor’s degree connects to a wide variety of Master’s degree programmes, which are the main gateway to your future career. This allows you to maximize your career opportunities.

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Education objectives Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences

Erasmus University College graduates:

  • understand the disciplinary perspectives on challenges to society and business;
  • are able to translate these to smarter, broader and interdisciplinary solutions;
  • learn to independently conduct scientific research;
  • are proficient at teamwork and can communicate effectively with fellow students, professional peers and the general public.

Curriculum Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences

Erasmus University College programme consists of up to 24 courses in three years. In the first year we offer our 'Academic Core': 8 courses that equip you with what every properly educated person needs to know about nature, life and society. In your second year, you'll start on one of our three Majors. In the third, you'll continue your specialisation by choosing one out of twelve concentrations.

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Target audience Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences

Are you internationally oriented and ambitious? Do you yearn for knowledge and personal development? Would you enjoy the latest insights of Erasmus University’s research into Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities? Are you looking forward to a dynamic academic community of Faculty and your peers? Not daunted by the sheer amount of energy and dedication needed? Then the international Bachelor’s degree programme in Liberal Arts and Sciences is the right choice for you!

Admission criteria Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences

We are looking for future Erasmus University College students, who:

  • are talented in any way (f.e. arts, sports, music);
  • have international roots or affinity (f.e. international schools, extensive travelling, Cambridge English);
  • act on social responsibility;
  • excel in one or more aspects of school;
  • look for new experiences;
  • take the initiative.

Share your personal profile in your application!

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Application Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences

Our selection process considers both early and regular applications. Use the former if you want to be at the forefront of the ‘Class of 2016’ and get a say in the final details of preparing Erasmus University College! But don’t worry that we will have run out of spots before the regular deadline.

We first check if applicants match or exceed general entry requirements. Then we generate a ranked list of applicants, based on their accomplishments and motivation. We invite everyone on our list for a (face to face or long-distance) interview to check if expectations match. Admission is offered in order of ranking on the resulting list. This stops when enrolment hits our capacity (or when our shortlist ends).

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Continuing with a Master in Liberal Arts & Sciences

Having obtained a Bachelor's degree, many students opt to pursue a Master’s degree. Our unique curriculum structure offers gradual specialisation from the Academic Core, to the Major, then the Concentration and finally the Capstone. More than 35 Master’s degree programmes at Erasmus University Rotterdam may offer a warm welcome for Erasmus University College students.

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