Liberal Arts & Sciences (EUC)

Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences

A small-scale, intensive and residential approach to Liberal Arts & Sciences.  You’ll study many areas of academia and specialize one of our four Majors.

Why study a Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences at Erasmus University College in Rotterdam?

The Netherlands is home to a number of high-quality University Colleges, and we are often asked for help in understanding the differences. Here’s what we can tell you about where Erasmus University College (EUC) stands apart:

  • EUC’s active approach to education is called Problem Based Learning; we keep group sizes to about 10 students for tutorials, so you are always intensely involved in your education.
  • Working and studying in a gorgeously renovated landmark building in the very heart of a big city.
  • A Major in Economics & Business and a spin on the classics with a focus on the Life Sciences and Social and Behavioural Sciences, as well as Humanities.
  • A residential requirement to live together with your fellow first-year students from all over the world; helping build bonds in year one but leaving students independent in years two and three.
  • Close cooperation with more than 40 masters programmes at Erasmus University, including Pre-Law and Pre-Med tracks, to facilitate the connection upon graduation from EUC’s bachelor programme.
  • An intensive programme wherein you meet credit requirements already during your core courses, leaving the Winter and Summer terms for extra credits or exploration.
  • A unique balance of choice and structure, in which about one third of your courses are Academic Core requirements, one third are Major requirements, and the rest is up to you.

Koen Wies

”I love the general entrepreneurial mind-set of Rotterdam. If you want something to change, then go change it.”

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