Campus under Construction

Enjoy studying and working in a challenging environment

Now Campus under Construction I is completed, the 2nd phase (CiO II) has already got off to a flying start. In November 2012, the Executive Board and deans gave the go-ahead. CiO II is based on educational developments, wishes of faculties and students, and the ambition to develop a sustainable campus while safeguarding the future of our buildings. The new plans create a stimulating environment in which it is enjoyable to study and work - both now and in the future.


  • Modern flexwork offices H3 in use (Jan. 2014) 
  • Conversion M into modern flexwork offices (Jan.-Nov. 2014) 
  • Opening Erasmus Food Plaza (3 March 2014)
  • Pile-driving 2nd phase car park (10 Feb.-8 March 2014) 
  • Pile-driving multifunctional education building (May 2014, 2 weeks)

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam