Exam Register - as from 1990

If you wish to know whether someone studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and received a diploma certificate, with a combination of personal details, you can visit the online Exam Register. Only the following information is available:

  • Whether a diploma certificate was issued to the person in question
  • The degree programme (or programmes) for which the person received a diploma certificate
  • The type of examination (Propaedeutic/Bachelor’s, Doctoral/Master’s)
  • The date that the diploma or certificate was issued

The files contain information about diploma's of full-time or part-time degree programees that result in a propaedeutic or initial degree certificate (Dutch titles: Drs or Mr) and, froom 2002, in a bachelor's (BSC, BA, LLB) or Master's (MSc, MA, LLM) degree. The file is complete from 1990 and includes most diplomas obtained between 1980 and 1990. The examination register does not include information about doctoral candidates. This also applies to MBA/MBI and certain LLM study programmes. These are non-initial degree programmes that nevertheless meet EUR's requirements.


If the search results do not meet your expectations, or if you do not have the required combination of particulars, please contact us by e-mail at ea@remove-this.oos.eur.nl. In such cases, you must obtain explicit permission from the student or ex-student before you receive the requested information.

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