Exam Register - as from 1990

If you would like to find out whether someone has studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and completed the degree with a diploma, you can carry out a highly targeted check in the online examination register by using a combination of a number of personal details. Only the following information will be disclosed:

  • Whether or not the person in question actually obtained a diploma
  • The programme or programmes for which the person in question obtained a diploma
  • For which type of examination this was (propaedeutic year, doctoral, bachelor, master)
  • The date on which the diploma was obtained

The information in the records concerns diplomas obtained in full-time and part-time programmes leading to a propaedeutic or doctoral diploma (Drs. or Mr.) and, since 2002, to a bachelor degree (BSc, BA, LL.B) or a master degree (MSc, MA, LL.M). The records are complete from 1990 onwards and also include the majority of diplomas obtained between 1980 and 1990. Details on PhD candidates are not listed in the examination register. This also applies to MBA/MBI programmes and certain LL.M programmes. These are non-initial programmes which meet the requirements set by EUR.

Search Alumni Exam Register - since 1990

Welcome at the Erasmus University Rotterdam official degree programme exam register.

You can check which certificates our alumni have obtained for official degree programmes. In order to protect the privacy of our alumni you need to fill in some personal data to correctly identify the alumnus. Fields that are marked * are required.

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Does the search results not meet your expectations, or do you not have the required combination of particulars?

Please contact us by e-mail at: verifications@remove-this.oos.eur.nl

In such cases, you must obtain explicit permission from the student or ex-student before you receive the requested information.

Based on all the reactions, the functionality of the Exam Register will be improved where necessary and possible in the near future.

Have you not yet been included in the examination register?

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