Exam Register - as from 1990

If you wish to know whether someone studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and received a diploma certificate, with a combination of personal details, you can visit the online Exam Register. Only the following information is available:

  • Whether a diploma certificate was issued to the person in question
  • The degree programme (or programmes) for which the person received a diploma certificate
  • The type of examination (Propaedeutic/Bachelor’s, Doctoral/Master’s)
  • The date that the diploma or certificate was issued

The files contain information about diploma's of full-time or part-time degree programees that result in a propaedeutic or initial degree certificate (Dutch titles: Drs or Mr) and, froom 2002, in a bachelor's (BSC, BA, LLB) or Master's (MSc, MA, LLM) degree. The file is complete from 1990 and includes most diplomas obtained between 1980 and 1990. The examination register does not include information about doctoral candidates. This also applies to MBA/MBI and certain LLM study programmes. These are non-initial degree programmes that nevertheless meet EUR's requirements.