Parking for the disabled

For staff, students and visitors who are in the possession of either an EU parking card for people with disabilities or the 'exemption parking space disabled' [form to follow ASAP], there are designated parking bays on campus. These may be found both in the car parks and parking lots. The disabled parking spaces are situated as closely as possible to the buildings and parking exits.
All campus parking ticket machines are wheelchair user friendly.

The regular staff parking policy applies to disabled staff.
With a special parking licence, students who are in the possession of an EU disabled parking card may also park at staff parking rates.

Staff and students with a temporary disablity or a doctor's note are able to apply for a so-called 'Exemption parking space disabled' allowing them to park in the disabled parking bays. In contrast, these students will be paying the regular parking rates.

Applying for parking licence disabled students

  • Fill out the Form Parking licence student with EU disabled parking card  [in Dutch only - English version to follow].
  • When applying for a parking licence, please submit an EU parking card for the disabled.
  • The parking licence disabled students is valid for the duration of the studies.
  • The parking licence disabled is strictly personal.
  • Staff parking rates apply to students who are in the possession of the parking licence 'Student with EU disabled parking card'.

Applying for temporary exemption parking space disabled

  • To apply for a 'temporary exemption parking space disabled', disabled students should contact the student counsellor.
  • Staff with a (temporary) disability may apply for the exemption parking space disabled via Jelle Jager, head of Security Services EFB, phone (010) 40 82930. 
  • When applying for the exempton disabled parking space. please submit a doctor's note or a written undertaking by the student counsellor.
  • The card you will receive must be placed, clearly visible, in your car window
  • The exempton disabled parking space is valid for the agreed period of time.
  • The exempton disabled parking space is strictly personal.
  • Students with an exempton disabled parking space must pay the regular parking rates.

Delivery time Parking licence disabled students & Exemption  parking space disabled

Issue and activation of the Parking licence disabled students will occur within 5 working days. Issue of the Exempton parking space disabled will occur within 10 working days.

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Form Parking licence student with EU disabled parking card  [Dutch only]





































As of 2013, changes to Woudestein’s parking regulations will take place (for more information, please contact EFB Service Desk).

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