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EHERO is both a multidisciplinary research organization and a center of expertise. Furthermore the institute is also involved in education for policymakers and students.


The conceptual focus is on subjective enjoyment of one’s life-as-a-whole. read more

Mission The ambition is to contribute to greater happiness of a greater number of people. read more
Approach The leading question is how greater happiness can be achieved and how synergy can be obtained with other things we value. The aim is to enable individuals as well as companies and governments to make more informed choices. read more

Empirical research is the main way for gathering information about determinants and consequences of happiness. World Database of Happiness


Research: Starting research projects, publishing articles, developing and managing data and creating a method to analyze data sets efficiently. read more

Education: Organizing symposia yearly, publishing articles, creating bachelor- and master classes and developing workshops. read more

Home EHERO is based in Erasmus School of Economics(ESE) at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Part of the participants work in other faculties of Erasmus University and other universities in the Netherlands. read more

Happiness Economics - New Articles

A fixed effects ordered choice model with flexible thresholds with an application to life-satisfaction

In many contexts reported outcomes in a rating scale are modeled through the existence of a latent variable that separates the categories through thresholds. Th...

Creative Destruction and Subjective Wellbeing

In this paper we analyze the relationship between turnover-driven growth and subjective wellbeing, using cross-sectional MSA level US data. We find that the eff...

What Makes Mexicans Happy?

The growing literature studying the determinants of subjective wellbeing find that Mexicans report, on average, levels of life satisfaction that are above what ...

Does the choice of well-being measure matter empirically? An illustration with German data

We discuss and compare five measures of individual well-being, namely income, an objective composite well-being index, a measure of subjective well-being, equiv...

Sleep Duration and Life Satisfaction

Sleep is an important part of life, with an individual spending an estimated 32 years of her life asleep. Despite this importance, little is known about life sa...