Student Volgende Storage will cease to exist as from 11 May 2012!

On Saturday 25 February 2012, all students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam switched over to the 24EUR7 cloud service. Documents stored on the Student Volgende Storage (SVS, Student Following Storage) were not included in the migration. The students will have to move these documents to their 24EUR7 accounts themselves. Students have an improved storage space through 24EUR7. On 11 May 2012, the SVS will be discontinued. As a result, any documents remaining on SVS will have to be transferred to 24EUR7 before this date.

Storage space 24EUR7
24EUR7 will give students email and an electronic diary, as well as 25GB of storage space. That is a substantial improvement compared with the 100 MB of storage space available in SVS. 24EUR7 also allows for easy document processing, using on-line Office applications. On top of that, 24EUR7 allows students to share files with fellow students and tutors. Following the introduction of 24EUR7, the SVS has become outdated and will cease to exist.

For further information, students are advised to go to or contact the helpdesk of their faculty. For instructions on how to migrate documents from SVS to 24EUR7, go to the FAQ top-5 on the homepage of For files on SVS, go to

Publication date: 10 April 2012