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Does studying abroad result in a study delay?
In principle, no. Everything is well arranged in the exchange programmes, but you should familiarise yourself with this before your departure.

Is studying abroad extra expensive?
Not necessarily, if you receive compensation for expenses or can find a grant for this purpose.

Where can I obtain information about studying abroad?
Have a look at the EUR website. For more specific (study-related) information, you can approach the international office of your faculty/school.

For which universities are Erasmus grants available?
The Erasmus programme is an exchange programme of the European Commission, in which European universities can enter partnership agreements with each other. Each EUR faculty works with different foreign universities. On the partner list you can see the contacts that your faculty has in Europe. If you are going on a Erasmus exchange programme, in the first instance you should arrange this via the international office of your own faculty.

I heard that you could get compensation for your Student Public Transport Pass when you study abroad. Is that true?
For temporary stays abroad you can apply for compensation for your Student Public Transport Pass. Fill in the so-called "OB Form" at least two months before you leave and hand it in to the IB Group. For more information see the IB Group's website

I would like to sublet my room. How should I go about it?
You can sublet your room if you rent a room of Stadswonen. Contact Stadswonen for the necessary form.

Where can I obtain information about incorporating courses completed at a foreign university in my study programme?
Check with the international office of your faculty.

Do I need supplementary insurance if I am going abroad to study?
In many cases, supplementary insurance is a good idea. Consult the embassy concerned for the correct information.

With which universities does EUR maintain contacts?
Consult the international office of your own faculty. To get an impression, you can consult the EUR partner list.

I need to take a language test to go abroad as an exchange student. Where can I do that?
You can take the English language test at the Language and Training Centre. As a rule, a test is given every two months and, during the selection period, more frequently. The dates and registration periods are announced at the website of the Language and Training Centre

I would like to do practical training abroad. How do I arrange that?
Consult AIESEC, room NB-08/09/10 tel. +31 (0) 10 - 408 1790, email address rotterdam@remove-this.aiesec.net or the International Office of your faculty. The Erasmus grant is also possible for internships abroad.

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