Free Movers

Students from international universities can enrol at some of the faculties for a specific period as free movers. Enrolment always takes place via the faculty.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for free movers can be found at


See the Prospective Students website for the procedure. Free movers should not register via Studielink


Information on the tuition 2014-2015 is available on this website

Tuition fees only need to be paid over the months you are registered. Whole months and the fraction 1/12 are used when calculating tuition fees. The full amount for one academic year mentioned on the website is divided by 12. The result  is multiplied by the number of months the student is registered in the academic year.

For example, if you are student from a non-EEA country wanting to enrol in a 3-month bachelor course at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSW), then you will have to pay the FSW bachelor non-EEA institute tuition fee (€ 5.900) x the number of months out of 12 months (3/12) = € 1.475.

For questions about the tuition fee, you can contact Erasmus Student Service Centre.

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