Eurekaweek 2014

Eurekaweek 2014: 18th - 21st of August

Welcome to the official Eurekaweek website

Whether you are a (prospective) student, guide, crew member, or company, on this page you can find all information about the Eurekaweek 2014. Keep in touch with this site to get more information about the Eurekaweek 2014! 

Registration for participants is opened!

From now on, you can register for the Eurekaweek! Sign up via the header Sign Up! - Participants - Sign Up! and experience the most amazing start of your studentlife in Rotterdam. Don't wait too long, former Eurekaweek editions were sold out in an early stage!

Note: e-tickets including accommodation are sold out! It is only possible to buy a ticket without overnight accommodation. Haven't you got a place to sleep during the Eurekaweek? The student associations also offer overnight accommodation! Contact the RKvV (abactis@remove-this.rkvv.nll) for more information.

InHouse Day

Unfortunately, it is not possible anymore to register for the InHouse Day.

Theme of the Eurekaweek 2014

Port of Opportunities is the theme of the Eurekaweek 2014!

The theme represents the central idea of the Eurekaweek: it offers you a lot of opportunities. It is the start of the many opportunities Rotterdam, the university and the studentlife have. As a prospective student, you might move to Rotterdam, you meet a variety of new people and different associations, organizations and companies are ready to offer you an amazing start.
But also for current students it is a week with lots of opportunities to herald the new academic year fantastically. As a guide, crew member or as a member of an association, you can also experience this awesome introduction week again!

Start exploring your own opportunities!

The Eurekaweek committee 2014

f.l.t.r.: Anouk Hendrikse, Mike van Tooren, Mary Limandjaja, Suze de Jong, Merel Weekenborg, Tin-Chie Man & Corona Meerman


Do you want to revive the Eurekaweek 2013? On our facebook page, you can find all of the information and pictures of our last Eurekaweek! Or are you curious about the Eurekaweek 2014? We will keep you up to date about information concerning this week on our facebook page! In this manner, you will be the first to know when you can subscribe as a participant or guide and how the final programme of the week will look like.