R.S.T.V. Passing Shot

Address: Sonmansstraat 40a, 3039 DK Rotterdam
Tel: 06-29515601

R.S.T.V. Passing Shot is a student tennis association currently counting about 190 members. Membership offers club days twice a week, free trainings in the winter and spring (for beginners and advanced players) and many activities, which are completely voluntary and can be participated in at your own discretion. Your tennis level is not important as our members vary from levels 3 to 9. Every member also automatically becomes a member of the K.N.L.T.B. Every month we play an internal tournament with a dinner afterwards.

In the winter we play at Victoria and at the Sports complex at Woudestein. In the spring and summer we go outside and play on the gravel courts at the IJsclub Kralingen. It is possible to compete in the spring competitions. We have many teams on both the Saturday in the district competition and Sunday in the national competition. You’re welcome to take a look and play along on one of the club days or join our other activities!