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Booking a room at the University

At the Resource Department (Woudestein campus) you are at the right place to book a room for your meetings, seminars, conferences and other business events. Furthermore, the Resource Department also puts together the student lecture and tutorial schedules/roosters for all the faculties that are situated on the Woudestein campus. This occurs in close co-operation with the educational co-ordinators of the various faculties. The educational co-ordinators are responsible for the fact that compulsory courses do not clash within a schedule, and that lecturers are available at the time the course is given etc. Based on the given information, the Resource Department, in turn, searches to find a room with a suitable capacity for each course.

The time span for constructing the schedules is fixed each year and is drawn up by the Board of Governors. Moreover, the Board of Governors appoints which priorities must be upheld when allocating rooms. They have also agreed upon when a customer must pay for a room (and at what price) and when the room is free of charge.

The lecture or tutorial rooms have a number of standard facilities, which are present at all times. Naturally the customer can decorate the lecture room (or the area in front of the room), for instance with flower arrangements, cloakroom, whiteboard, to fit their own style. This can be ordered through the Events Department.

Not all rooms on the Woudestein campus are under the care of the Resource Department. There are some buildings, such as the Sports Building or the J-Building, which are the responsibility of others. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, which lie on the Hoboken campus, allocate their own rooms.

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