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General information

In 1994 Erasmus University Rotterdam opened the gates to the Erasmus Expo and Congress Centre, a congress building within easy reach of public transport and major highways, with extensive facilities and outfitted with the latest technological equipment. We have at our disposal a number of rooms, diverse in size and possibilities. All of our rooms are, moreover, accessible for the disabled. During construction of the Centre, slate, stainless steel and concrete were used which easily lends itself to various interior decorations to suit any ambience or style.

The FORUM ROOM (see photo above) is very suitable for congresses, seminars, conferences, product presentations and other business meetings up to 197 participants. In this highly representative and multifunctional room, all seats are equipped with a microphone. Next to the Forum Room lies a restaurant which, in combination with renting the Forum Room, can be used free of charge (for instance for lunch, dinner or receptions). The OXFORD is the largest room with a capacity of 930 seats, 343 of these are situated on a balcony. It is possible to book only the lower section, thus without the balcony, at a reduced price for groups up to 500 persons. The Oxford Room has fixed furniture presented in a theatre-like set up. The SORBONNE, the second largest room in the Centre, is set up in a similar way as the Oxford. The Sorbonne Room holds up to 590 people. The TOKYO and ATHENE are two lecture rooms, both suited for 145 people, with rows of tables and chairs placed on an ascending floor. The ROCHESTER, SANTANDER and SHANGAI rooms are set up in the same way but each have 61 seats.

The Erasmus Expo and Congress Centre also has a number of other smaller rooms, holding up to either 24 or 40 people. In these rooms the tables and chairs can be arranged in the style the customer wishes. In this way, these rooms are extremely appropriate for business meetings, workshops and courses. On the ground floor of the Erasmus Expo and Congress Centre you will find the Expo Halls with a total surface area of approx. 4000 m2. The entire area can be divided into three sections, which makes it possible to rent one section as opposed to all three. The Expo Halls are perfect for large-scale events such as exhibitions, trade shows, auto shows, parties and exams, as illustrated above. For large groups the area can even be rented for lunch or dinner.