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Personal bikes

Got a work appointment near the university? Get some fresh air while you’re at it!
All staff of Erasmus University Rotterdam can now borrow a personal bike from Erasmus Facility Services (EFB) – free of charge!

Applying for a personal bike

Make your reservation for a personal bike via EFB Servicedesk, servicedesk@remove-this.efb.eur.nl. If there is no personal bike available, the service desk will let you know by e-mail.

Need a bike urgently? Just drop by the service desk in the T-building, or call (010) 408 1155.

Extra information personal bikes

The personal bikes are for use by EUR staff only, on working days from 8.00 - 18.00, for work-related appointments.

Collecting the personal bike

  • You can collect the bicycle key from EFB Service Desk in the T-building (ground floor entrance).
  • The personal bikes can be found in the bicycle park in front of the T-building. This is also where you return the bike. Please hand in the key to EFB Service Desk in building T.

Flat tyre?

All desks of EFB Service Desk have a bicycle pump handy. A bicycle repair kit is kept at the porter’s lodge (W-building), phone (010) 408 1035.

Damage or theft personal bike

Please report damage to or theft of the personal bike without delay to servicedesk@remove-this.efb.eur.nl.

Get fresh after your ride

Like to have a shower after your bike ride? With a sports pass, you may take one at the Erasmus Sports Centre. If you haven’t, showers are available daily before 10 am at the Sports Centre with an Early Bird pass. Get more info from the Sports building‘s reception desk.

Alternatively, there is a shower room in building T. You can collect the key at EFB Service Desk in the T-building.