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Brand model

A strong brand
In order to achieve the objectives formulated in Erasmus 2013, the strategy of the university, a strong ‘Erasmus’ brand is vital. For this reason, a brand model was designed in 2007 that will clarify the relationships between the various EUR departments with the parent organisation.

A clear brand architecture contributes to the further strengthening and planned development of the ‘Erasmus University Rotterdam’ brand, now and in the future. Furthermore, it increases staff awareness of the importance of a brand philosophy and promotes a common language in brand discussions.

All issues related to branding (logos, names of parts of the organisation, identity, etc) require the attention of the Executive Board. The Department of Marketing & Communications monitors the brand policy and advises the Executive Board accordingly. Any questions about the brand policy at the EUR can be addressed to:

Department of Marketing & Communications

Marcel Latupeirissa
Room A1-64, A-building
T +31 10 408 1624

Brand model
For the brand model of the EUR in pdf, click here.

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Erasmus refreshed!
The university house style has been refreshed and is again up with the times. In the house style toolbox you will find all the information you need to get up to speed on the new look.

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