House style   Colour and Typography

Colour and Typography

House style colours
The primary house style for all university-wide productions and products from the university’s office is Pantone 3165 (green).

An optional second house colour is Pantone 158 (orange), which is always used in combination with Pantone 3165.

Pantone 3165   Pantone 158

Faculty colours
Each faculty has its own house style colour. This colour can be found in all materials, from web page and scarf to master brochure and faculty banners:

Yellow   Pantone 200   Pantone 354   Pantone 260
Erasmus School of Economics   Erasmus School of Law   Erasmus MC   Institute of Health Policy & Management
Pantone 298   Pantone 137   Pantone 286   Pantone 282
Faculty of Philosopy
  Faculty of Social Sciences   Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication   Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

ISS (International Institute of Social Studies) uses multiple colours. The basic colours are Pantone 1797 (blue) and Pantone 294 (red). In addition, an off-white colour is used (among other things visible in the stoles of the professors gowns), which corresponds approximately with Pantone 9100.

Pantone 1797   Pantone 294   Pantone 9100

Erasmus University College
Erasmus University College uses the same colours as EUR, with Warm Gray 11C as extra colour.

Pantone 3165   Pantone 158   Warm Gray 11C

Web colours
For the correct use of colour on web pages, see the web house style.

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House style news

Erasmus refreshed!
The university house style has been refreshed and is again up with the times. In the house style toolbox you will find all the information you need to get up to speed on the new look.

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