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House style helpdesk

Do you have a question about house style?
First contact the house style coordinator within your faculty, department or section. Click here for a summary of house style coordinators.

Design agencies
Designing is a specialisation. Ideally, do not design your own communication product, but engage a professional design agency. The department of Marketing & Communications (SMC) works closely with a number of design agencies which are very familiar with the university’s house style. Click here for a summary of design agencies.

Special cases
The Executive Board has made SMC responsible for managing the university’s house style. In cases not covered by the guidelines, it is necessary to both discuss and obtain permission from SMC.

General queries
With general queries about house style or corporate branding you can get it contact with:

Marcel Latupeirissa
Department of Marketing & Communications
T +31 10 408 1624

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Downloading the EUR logo

Looking for a good design agency? Click here

House style query? Ask the house style helpdesk.

House style news

Erasmus refreshed!
The university house style has been refreshed and is again up with the times. In the house style toolbox you will find all the information you need to get up to speed on the new look.

The right way to write
Use our preferred spelling when writing Dutch or English text: click here for the Schrijfwijzer (pdf) or the Style Guide (pdf).