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Translation advice

Preferred spelling
When you write or commission English material, use British English for preference. Tip: set your spellchecker to British English. 
There are possible exceptions: for example if a scientist is writing an article for a specialist American publication and wants to serve the reader better.

Idiomatic writing
For translations and translation assignments use clear and businesslike language. As far as possible avoid idioms particular to a country or a culture.

Translation agency
EUR works with one translation agency (Business Translation Services) with whom tariffs have been agreed. The translator isfamiliar with our preferred spelling.

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House style news

Erasmus refreshed!
The university house style has been refreshed and is again up with the times. In the house style toolbox you will find all the information you need to get up to speed on the new look.

The right way to write
Use our preferred spelling when writing Dutch or English text: click here for the Schrijfwijzer (pdf) or the Style Guide (pdf).