Registration and unenrolment

Information about how to pay, your student ID card and how to report changes

Student ID Card

You will receive your student ID card when you first start studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Once your enrolment has been fully completed and all obligations met, your student ID card will be sent to your postal address in The Netherlands within two weeks.


After completing your registration, you may want to make changes.


Termination of enrolment If during the academic year you decide to terminate your enrolment at Erasmus University Rotterdam, you must indicate this in Studielink. In principle, you will be disenrolled starting in the month following the month in which the disenrolment request has been submitted via Studielink.


Please note: re-enrolment for all study programmes starting in September 2014 is closed. Re-enrolment for 2014-2015 is only available for students who experience study delay in graduating and who have permission of the study programme to start later. The study programme will inform Central Registration Office on this decision.

Registration for enrolment after 31 August

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