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Saturday 24 May Open day on Woudestein Campus

Grote kansen medische voedingsmarkt

Voeding die helpt bij bestrijden ziektes

Increasing international Impact and Relevance

New strategic plan Erasmus University Rotterdam

Increasing international Impact and Relevance (kopie 1)

New strategic plan Erasmus University Rotterdam

Russell Shorto will deliver Mandeville Lecture 2014

Honorary doctorate for American historian

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EUR congratulates the following graduates:

M. Wolter (Strategic Management)- A. Klein (International Management)- T.A. Kahlen (International Management)- B.B. Slavov (International Management)- D. Wu (Business Information Management)- I. Mušterić (Business Information Management)- M. Ruigewaard (Organisational Change & Consulting)- T.A. Keimer (Business Information Management)- J.C. de Taeye (Business Information Management)- A.K.S. Hardjoprajitno (Marketing Management)- J.C.P. Spezzati (Strategic Management)- Q. Jiu (Supply Chain Management)- P.J. Smal (Marketing Management)- A.C.J. Perquin (Strategic Management)- C.F. Poelstra (Supply Chain Management)- B. Fennema (Supply Chain Management)- L.M. Touw (Human Resource Management)- S. Vaghefi (Finance & Investments)- C. Chan (Management of Innovation)- D.L. Verheij (Marketing Management)- A.C. Monéton (International Management)- N.Y. Snoep (Strategic Management)- A.M. Stroie (Supply Chain Management)- H.C. Leenheer (Finance & Investments)- R. Calame (Supply Chain Management)- A. van Brecht (Organisational Change & Consulting)- B. Boon (International Management)- T.J. Stap (Chinese Economy & Business)- D.T.P. Xie (Finance & Investments)- R.A. Smits (Global Business & Stakeholder Management)- M. van Eeden (Accounting & Control)- P. Visscher (Supply Chain Management)- R. de Lepper (Strategic Management)- P.H. Crielaard (Finance & Investments)- M. al Khamis (Strategic Management)- R.J. Graauw (Business Information Management)- T. van Dalen (Strategic Management)- Y. Zouane (Strategic Management)- T.T. Quach (Business Information Management)- N.F.C. Lieuw (Business Information Management)- I.A. van Vugt (Finance & Investments)- E.V. Martinov (Marketing Management)- Y. Deng (Finance & Investments)- M. Kausylas (Strategic Management)- J. Dai (Business Information Management)- J.H.S. Timbergen (Business Information Management)- P.J. Fry (Supply Chain Management)- D.T.F. Peterse (Organisational Change & Consulting)- X.P. van de Par (Finance & Investments)- L.W.F. Jansen (Chinese Economy & Business)- B.R. Paternoster (Strategic Management)- M.T. Vermeijden (Strategic Management)- M.L. van Dijk (Business Administration)- S.M.L. Campagne (Management of Innovation)- J. Makhoul (Business Administration)- R.B. Alders (Business Information Management)- J.P. Honkoop (Organisational Change & Consulting)- J. Rötz (Global Business & Stakeholder Management)- B.B.C. Molenkamp (Finance & Investments)- F. Schwitalla (Human Resource Management)- D. Tosetti (Accounting & Control)- M.J.M. Lancee (Business Information Management)- J.M. Berends (International Management)- V.M. Naar (Finance & Investments)- D.F.H. van der Werf (Finance & Investments)- I.T. van den Berg (Business Information Management)- M. Chiruta (Strategic Management)- S.D. Chau (Chinese Economy & Business)- C.A.G. Vester (Strategic Management)- R. Zevenbergen (Marketing Management)- S.K. Viergever (Finance & Investments)- B.L. Schuller (Marketing Management)- H.J.C. Streefkerk (Strategic Management)- N. Keen (Global Business & Stakeholder Management)- R. Boerrigter (Business Information Management)- A. Khezri (Business Information Management)- A.P.M.J. van Dongen (Marketing Management)- N.A. Schouten (Strategic Management)- A. Muryango (Chinese Economy & Business)- A. Stockburger (Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturin)- P. Liu (ERIM Master of Philosophy in Business Re)- A.J.E. Sessink (Strategic Management)- M. Scaffidi (Strategic Management)- J.J. van Balen (Global Business & Stakeholder Management)- E. Boer (Strategic Management)- T.M. Prins (Organisational Change & Consulting)- R. Dağgez (ERIM Master of Philosophy in Business Re)- K. van Vlijmen (Strategic Management)- V. Mladenova (Strategic Management)- J.A.M. Raaijmaakers (Management of Innovation)- I. Hu (Business Information Management)- M.N. van der Bent (Finance & Investments)- Z.A. Wéber (Management of Innovation)- A.M. Mense (International Management)- M. Florijn (Business Information Management)- Z. Zhang (Finance & Investments)- M. Kabantsova (International Management)- A. Riedl (Accounting & Control)- D. Glibic (International Management)- C.P. Garnaud (Supply Chain Management)- M.P. Galati (Accounting & Control)- P. Yarema (General Management)- S.Y. Umetskiy (General Management)- A. Basdorf (Organisational Change & Consulting)- A.E. Lampropoulou (Supply Chain Management)- P. Alexandratos (Supply Chain Management)- N.W.E. van Heemstra (International Management)- G. Soliman (Strategic Management)- L.E. Jaworski (General Management)- V.M.V.L.M. Clément de Cléty (Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturin)- W.F. van Bavel (Supply Chain Management)- M.E. van der Velde (Strategic Management)- R.S. Kelder (Organisational Change & Consulting)- J.W. van Dalen (International Management)- M.A.A. Pots (Supply Chain Management)- S. Huang (Finance & Investments)- S.A. Tulpan (General Management)- K. Angelopoulou (Supply Chain Management)- R. von Schaewen (Strategic Management)- M. Brockmann (Strategic Management)- C.N. von Meer (Marketing Management)- V.I. Brunckhorst (Supply Chain Management)- A.J. Bisterbosch (Chinese Economy & Business)- R.E.N. van Vianen (International Management)- M.K. Haberl (Finance & Investments)- J.C. Hoppe (Strategic Management)- E. Foutakoglou (International Management)- G.C. Michael (General Management)- K. Siwicka (Finance & Investments)- J. Ji (Supply Chain Management)- A.O. Hoekstra (Finance & Investments)- M. Tarawneh (Strategic Management)- M.C. Schick (Strategic Management)- L.R.M. Hercher (Strategic Management)- H.L.S. Peeperkorn (Chinese Economy & Business)- J. Babre (International Management)- C.P.M. Curfs (General Management)- B.D. Gunning (Finance & Investments)- R.S. Dragov (Organisational Change & Consulting)- B.P. van den Berg (Chinese Economy & Business)- J.Q.T. Tran (Marketing Management)- M.S.A. Rustemeijer (Supply Chain Management)- T. Kaptein (Finance & Investments)- W.G. Ploegmakers (Finance & Investments)- G.M. Meerman (Human Resource Management)- L.J.W. de Mol van Otterloo (Strategic Management)- T.M.D. Rijkmans (Finance & Investments)- M.C. Visscher (Accounting & Control)- S.D. Turgutoglu (International Management)- A. Antohi (Strategic Management)- M. Boekestijn (Marketing Management)- A. Hasanzadah (Finance & Investments)- P.N. Van Kempen (Supply Chain Management)- M. Bsibsi (Strategic Management)- J.M.F. Sabaroedin (Finance & Investments)- M.P.H. van Ommen (Business Information Management)- R.T. Visser (Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturin)- C.T.M. van den Hoek (Supply Chain Management)- M. Petrauskas (Business Information Management)- E.P. Groen (Chinese Economy & Business)- J.J.J. Buntinx (Finance & Investments)- J.K. Wobma (Supply Chain Management)- Q.J.L. Gilbert (Business Information Management)- M.E. Tielman (Finance & Investments)- A.G.G.J. Vermulm (General Management)- T.S. Stewart (General Management)- S. Köhne (Human Resource Management)- L.H. Zwier (Marketing Management)- A. Lomeijer (General Management)- G.J. Scheenstra (Business Information Management)- K.S.R. Jongsma (Finance & Investments)- G.A. Bos (Finance & Investments)- K. Biegelbauer (Accounting and Financial Management)- M.G. Asscheman (Business Information Management)- M. van Duijl (Management of Innovation)- M.A. Hakkers (Management of Innovation)- R.M. Renes (Supply Chain Management)- F.M.L. Hochberger (International Management)- P.J. van Rees (Finance & Investments)- V. Mickevica (Finance & Investments)- G.A.A. Hagemans (Supply Chain Management)- F. Karaca (Human Resource Management)- R.J.W. de Bruin (Finance & Investments)- F.Y.J.M. Bastiaens (Finance & Investments)- A.C. van Romondt (Human Resource Management)- M.A. du Ry van Beest Holle (Finance & Investments)- A.D. de Boks (Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturin)- M. van der Blom (Accounting & Control)- J. Hooft (Business Information Management)- C.R. Teijgeler (Business Information Management)- J.C. Kraaijeveld (Finance & Investments)- C. Terpstra (Supply Chain Management)- G.H.L. Berenbak (Accounting & Control)- G.N.C. van Paassen (Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturin)- N.S. Kuiper (Finance & Investments)- J. Aartman (Economics and Business)- M.C. Schreiner (Economics and Business)- S.T. van Vliet (Econometrics and Management Science)- D.J.F. Dewitt (Economics and Business)- H. Koopman (Economics and Business)- L. Diepenhorst (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- A. Gkritzali (Economics and Business)- J.E.C. Dane (Economics and Business)- J. Hesseling (Economics and Business)- A. el Hallabi (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- S. Ramai (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- C.A. Dapaw (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- F. Ma (Economics and Business)- E. Reinhold (Economics (Research))- A. Chatziantoniou (Economics and Business)- R. Kouwenhoven (Economics and Business)- I.D. Fakou (Economics and Business)- E. Fragkiadoulaki (Economics and Business)- M. Garliauskas (Economics and Business)- N.W. Bakker (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- T.J. Vermeulen (Economics and Business)- W.F. Ma (Economics and Business)- M.R. Engelen (Economics and Business)- M.J.R. Poot (Economics and Business)- E. Hessing (Econometrics and Management Science)- K.M. Hui (Economics and Business)- C.I. Dral (Fiscale Economie)- A.J. Verstraten (Econometrics and Management Science)- K.L.P. Cörvers (Econometrics and Management Science)- F.A. van Vliet (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- J.M.H. Zwetsloot (Economics and Business)- G.H. Venderink (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- T.W.D. van den Beld (Economics and Business)- V.D. Sperling (Economics and Business)- D.W. van Niekerk (Economics and Business)- R. Klootwijk (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- M. Brouwer (Economics and Business)- N.L.F. Hogendoorn (Economics and Business)- I. Çimen (Economics and Business)- R.Y. Donata (Fiscale Economie)- V.S. Oedjaghir (Econometrics and Management Science)- M.V. Kuipers (Economics and Business)- B.W.Y. Man (Econometrics and Management Science)- E. Younan (Econometrics and Management Science)- D.C.J. Cornelissen (Fiscale Economie)- P.H.C. Blijs (Economics and Business)- A.D. Jadnanansing (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- M.C.W. Mampaeij (Fiscale Economie)- M.M. von Burg (Sociologie)- M. Wolter (Strategic Management)- A. Klein (International Management)- T.A. Kahlen (International Management)- J. Aartman (Economics and Business)- M.C. Schreiner (Economics and Business)