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EUR congratulates the following graduates:

M. Bernardo de Medeiros (Corporate Communication)- S.M. Goldberger (Corporate Communication)- M.C. Bourtin-Shadday (Corporate Communication)- C.M. Lergenmueller (Corporate Communication)- E.A.M. Bijveld (Corporate Communication)- C.K. Sterk (Finance & Investments)- B. Wenneker (Business Administration)- C. Hsu (Master in Management)- M. Breuer (Master in Management)- A. Houweling (Master in Management)- M.S. Samson (Master in Management)- M.J. Malpartida Escribens (Chinese Economy & Business)- A. Rossi (Business Administration)- A. Mishra (Master in Management)- K. Uithof (Master in Management)- T.W. Hederik (Master in Management)- M.T. Lucas (Master in Management)- J.S. Allebrandi (Chinese Economy & Business)- M. Lansink (Master in Management)- R.H. Ong (Master in Management)- S.J. Grimm (Finance & Investments)- T.C. Jivu (Master in Management)- F.M. Grossmann (Master in Management)- M.H.A. Awad (ERIM Master of Philosophy in Business Re)- O.W.G. van Campenhout (Chinese Economy & Business)- T. Medema (Chinese Economy & Business)- C. Niu (Finance & Investments)- L. Riives (Economics and Business)- K. Papadopoulos (Economics and Business)- K. Pidenko (Economics and Business)- B. Mooij (Econometrics and Management Science)- Y. Yang (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- R.P. Poerba (Economics and Business)- S. Nie (Economics and Business)- L. Riives (Economics and Business)- J.M. Sanchez Pueyo (Commercial Law)- J.M.H.M. Ariës (Fiscaal Recht)- I.C.M. Treep (Public Administration)- Shimelis Mengistu Bogale (International and European Public Law)- M.H.A.S. Verdoorn (Geneeskunde (master))- L.A. Janssen (Financieel Recht)- A. Keles (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- A. Houweling (Master in Management)- M.S. Samson (Master in Management)- S.E. Boone (Financieel Recht)- M.W. Raaphorst (Psychologie)- S. Al-Kaabi (International and European Public Law)- Y. Geryszewski (Commercial Law)- S.V. Tierie (Psychologie)- L.C. Klever (Psychologie)- I.M.C. Slokkers (Geneeskunde (master))-

Inge Hutter new Rector ISS

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Executive Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam has appointed professor Inge Hutter to the post of Rector of the International Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) in The Hague. Professor Hutter is currently dean of the Faculty of Spatial Science and professor of Demography at the University of Groningen. She is the successor of professor Leo de Haan, who delivers his valedictory lecture on Thursday 18 June 2015. 

Time is money – when goals conflict

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

It’s possible to have conflicting goals such as wanting to be sustainable, but taking the car to work to get there more quickly and be more productive – this is how pursuing one goal can interfere with others. New research by Ioannis Evangelidis of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) and co-authors Jordan Etkin (Duke University) and Jennifer Aaker (Stanford University), shows interfering goals make customers feel time-constraint. Therefore, they appreciate time-saving products and services more – and are more willing to spend money to save time.

Urban lakes in India as a socio-ecological system

Friday, 6 February 2015

Urban lakes are transformed into ecosystems different from the known natural wetlands and the traditionally constructed lakes, which has made the governance complex and the lake sustainability uncertain. This is one of the outcomes of the PhDthesis ‘Social-Ecological System Framework. Understanding urban lake governance and sustainability in India’ by Mansee Bal. The patterns of interaction and outcome of lake system characteristics show that the complex problems and processes of governance and sustainability are here to stay, says Bal. With better understanding, the lake governance and sustainability problems can be reduced and delayed. She defends her thesis at Erasmus University Rotterdam on Friday 20 February 2015.