Arts and Culture Studies

Master of Arts (MA) in Arts and Culture Studies

Arts and culture in all their forms arouse your curiosity. Talent is needed to introduce society to art.

You need to understand cultural organisations, entrepreneurship, policy and the public for this. You will  master this expertise at the Erasmus University. You will study historic and recent developments in the international art world, general trends and new insights, and you will consider the way in which individual and group identities are portrayed in art and cultural expressions. This knowledge and experience will teach you to analyse administrative and social issues surrounding the art world.

Your thorough knowledge of the international world of the arts and culture sector is an excellent gateway to positions such as policymaker, marketing and PR for arts or programmer at cultural  institutions.

Why study a Master in Arts and Culture Studies in Rotterdam?

  • A thorough acquaintance with recent and historical developments in the art and culture sector, both nationally and internationally. 
  • An analysis of the art and culture sector from an organisational, economic, sociological and policy perspective.

Career opportunities

The Master’s trains towards a variety of jobs within and outside the cultural sector:

  • Policymaker
  • Publicity assistant
  • Marketeer
  • Spokesperson
  • Programmer for theatres or ensembles/companies

Education objectives

You will acquire universally applicable, excellent skills related to the handling and interpretation of information. You will develop specific expertise regarding the socio-economics of the arts and culture, which will set you apart from other university graduates. You will develop a critical mindset and reflect on how to combine cultural and social values with running sustainable enterprises. You will also become better at communicating your original ideas.

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Target audience

This programme is for those interested in the world of art and culture whose aspiration is to work behind the scenes in the cultural sector. With the Master’s in Art and Culture Studies, professionals in the cultural sector will acquire a solid grounding to strengthen their passion.
Those with a Bachelor’s in an art and/or culture-oriented programme will be able to specialise their knowledge of the theory, research and practice of the art world.

Admission criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies
  • Other Bachelor’s degrees (University level) with relevant experience in social sciences / economics and the cultural sector
  • Advanced English language skills (TOEFL 600 / 250 / 100 / OR IELTS 7.0)
  • Promising candidates who do not fulfill all admission requirements of the CEE Master can take up our effective Pre-Master program.


Do you meet the requirements?

  • If you have a non-Dutch diploma, you start your application in the EUR Admissions Portal. 
  • If you have a Dutch secondary education diploma, you need to register with Studielink.

Please note: an International or European Baccalaureate is a non-Dutch diploma, even if it is obtained in the Netherlands!

For most programmes, Studielink opens in October prior to your starting year. For programmes with a selective admission a different procedure may be applicable.

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Please see below for information about the specialisation within this Master Programme. Whether a specialisation is offered full-time or part-time, is indicated accordingly.

Master specialisation



Arts, Culture and Society Full-time Part-time
Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship Full-time Part-time