Health Care Management

Master of Science (MSc) in Health Care Management

Do you aspire to be a manager in the health care sector? Study Health Care Management in Rotterdam and be ideally prepared for a promising career.

Health care organisations worldwide are facing challenging issues caused by global trends, such as ageing and lifestyle changes of an entire population. Good management is vital to solving these increasingly difficult issues in the health care sector. The master programme in Health Care Management fully equips you to live up to these challenges.

During the master in Health Care Management you are trained to match knowledge from various academic fields with professional skills and come to a solution for just about any problem that you may encounter during career as health care manager. In this entire process you never lose focus on patient demands and needs.

You will gain indispensable knowledge of quality and safety, strategic and financial management in health care. Furthermore, you will develop competencies such as leadership and negotiation skills. These very assets are urgently needed in the health care sector around the world and make you a highly eligible candidate for managerial positions in health care organisations, consultancy firms and government institutions.

Why study a Master in Health Care Management in Rotterdam?

• Unique focus on management in the health care sector;
• High-quality teaching by top-notch professors and lecturers;
• Study in a truly international and lively city;
• Excellent career opportunities.

Career opportunities

The master in Health Care Management equips you to help solve the many complex problems facing the health care sector. Positions such as policy officer, team leader, researcher or consultant are on the horizon and may be a springboard to a position as health care manager.

Education objectives 

After graduation you will have the expertise to analyse and weigh up complex problems from various perspectives. You can apply your knowledge derived from fields such as policy sciences, socio-medical sciences and business administration. Strategic and financial management, negotiation and having an eye for stakeholders’ interests will be second nature to you.

Target audience 

The master in Health Care Management aims to attract highly motivated and qualified students on their way to a promising career in health care management. The programme is open to students with (at least) a bachelor degree in a relevant field.

Admission criteria 

A successfully completed academic bachelor- or master programme in a related field is required to be eligible for the master in Health Care Management. If English is not your mother tongue, you will also need a successful proficiency test of English.

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Do you meet the requirements?

  • If you have a non-Dutch diploma, you start your application in the EUR Admissions Portal. 
  • If you have a Dutch secondary education diploma, you need to register with Studielink.

Please note: an International or European Baccalaureate is a non-Dutch diploma, even if it is obtained in the Netherlands!

For most programmes, Studielink opens in October prior to your starting year. For programmes with a selective admission a different procedure may be applicable.

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