International Public Management and Policy

Master of Science (MSc) in International Public Management and Policy

Master's in International Public Management and  Policy focuses on the increasingly international nature of public management and public policy-making.

Public policy has gone international: organisations such as the EU and the UN are growing in importance. 

Master the theories, concepts and skills you need to work effectively in this time of increasing internationalisation; tackle global issues such as international conflict, poverty, migration, environmental protection and corruption. Build a career at a public or private sector organisation!

Erasmus University Rotterdam is a top university in a city that is “the gateway to Europe”. Our top-notch faculty are active in the field of public administration, political science, international relations, and European integration and regularly participate in policy debates.

Why study a Master in International Public Management and Policy in Rotterdam?

  • the opportunity to interact intensively with an international student group and academics with strong international reputations;
  • one of the largest public administration departments in Europe.
  • a closely supervised individual research project;
  • study trip to international organisations and European institutions;
  • emphasis on professional development;
  • personal touch.

Career opportunities 

The master is the basis for a career at international and national level, such as international organizations, the EU, central government, local authorities, international NGO's, multinationals, consultancy firms, think tanks and research institutes. Graduates may become: policy officials, policy advisors, consultants, or lobbyists or project leaders.

Learning outcomes

You will:

  • gain awareness of the increasingly international nature of public management and policy;
  • understand international developments from a multidisciplinary perspective;
  • learn to analyse international ‘space’ by applying up to date theories and concepts;
  • gain the tools to operate effectively in an international environment;

and gain a master’s degree!


The master programme offers you:

  • Seven course modules in which theoretical perspectives are presented and applied.
  • Series of working group sessions;
  • Special leadership skill sessions;
  • A series of guest lectures by well-known international scholars.

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Mode of education 

We offer a variety of teaching formats including interactive lectures, working groups, and simulations. The program also entails an excursion to Geneva to visit international organizations.

Target audience 

This one-year International Public Management and Policy master programme is meant for recent graduates in Public Administration, Political Science, International Relations, European Studies or related disciplines.

An academic programme for graduates with the ambition of becoming policy and decision makers in the internationalized public arena.

Admission criteria 

  • Relevant Bachelor’s/undergraduate degree from a research university
  • Proficiency in English
  • Motivation and international orientation
  • Academic performance

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