International and European Public Law

Master Laws

Assess the impact of these two spheres on national legal orders, and on the promotion, e.g., of rights and accountability. Analyse changes, and provide an excellent basis for a career in public affairs or the academy.

The world is shrinking; legal systems, changing. Analyse the latest developments in the context of international and European public law.  Develop a critical take on how these bodies of law promote human rights, the rule of law and the accountability of institutions.

EUR is a highly regarded institution with a strong international outlook, top faculty, and a diverse student body; Rotterdam is an outward-looking city and the “gateway to Europe”.

Learn the analytical techniques you need to deepen your insights into contemporary issues, and into the theory and practice of international and/or European law in an interdisciplinary context. Career options include work in national administrations, international organisations, NGOs and the academy.

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