Pedagogy and Education: Children, families and Schools

Master of Science (MSc) in Pedagogy and Education: Children, Families and schools

Interested in youth, families and schools with multiple and complex urban problems? Become a policymaker, consultant or researcher by enrolling in the Master programme in Pedagogy and Education.

Are you interested in finding out which methods works for which children in urban schools and in classrooms with diverse student populations? Do you wonder about the impact of parenting, day-care, or social media on child development? The master programme in Pedagogy and Education offers two specialisations: 

Educational Sciences 

Child & Family Studies: Parenting in Contemporary Society.

The specialisation of Educational Sciences includes modules that concern current scientific theories on the effectiveness of both teaching methods and schools. The specialisation of Family Pedagogy focuses on family studies. It includes the impact of societal changes on family functioning, like social media and the role of fathers.

Why study a Master in Pedagogy and Education in Rotterdam?

  • Become a professional in the field of Educational Sciences or Child & Family Studies;
  • The structure of the programme and the Problem Based Learning system allows students to put theory into practice while studying;
  • Intensive interaction between lecturers and students, small classes, and accessible teachers.

Career opportunities

Is it your ambition to work in the field of pedagogy or education? Think about jobs in child protection services, youth residential organisations and educational institutes. Increasingly, these organisations yearn for professionals who are able to act upon complex problems. You might be the right candidate for them!

Education objectives

  • Apply intervention programmes for children, families, and in school, and test the effectiveness of these programmes;
  • Contribute to educational innovation and policy, focusing on diversity and urban problems;
  • Use your knowledge and skills in development, parenting, and education to collaborate with professionals in the field.

    *This master programme does not lead to a teaching qualification


The Master’s degree programme offers two specialisations:

  • Educational Sciences
  • Child & Family Studies: Parenting in Contemporary Society

Mode of education

The didactic approach in this programme is Problem Based Learning (PBL). In PBL, students work actively in small groups on issues related to the field of their specialisation. You’ll learn to put theory into practice, and you get trained in academic and professional skills. Both national and international experts provide lectures. 

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Target audience

Are you passionate about the well-being of children, youth and families? Do you wonder about what does and does not work in families, schools, and youth care organizations and in policy? Then this master is the right choice for you.

Admission criteria

  • Relevant Bachelor’s (BA / BSc) degree from a research university in education, child and family studies, child development, psychology or pedagogy.
  • English language proficiency
  • Academic performance

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