Master of Arts (MA) in Philosophy

The MA Philosophy is the place where cutting edge philosophical research meets the classroom. This enables our students to engage in contemporary philosophical debates.

We challenge you to analyse and interpret philosophical questions and develop your own arguments and ideas.

Because of the research-driven nature of this programme, courses vary every year. Choosing from a wide range of courses you specialise in your own area of interest. Both the analytic and continental philosophical traditions are represented in the MA Philosophy.

Why study a Master in Philosophy in Rotterdam?

During the MA Philosophy students develop into critical and analytical thinkers with substantial academic skills and knowledge. This programme offers you the opportunity to choose your own courses and dive into philosophical questions that are pressing to you.

Education objectives

The Master in Philosophy offers competence in self-reliant and independent critical philosophical analysis. This competence implies the capability to articulate a research question and a related research proposal.

Mode of education

The education in the Master in Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam is small scale and personal. Besides the lectures you will have individual tutorials. There is room for debate and discussion with fellow students, but we also expect you to work  individually on writing essays. During the process of your master thesis you will be supervised  intensely.

Target audience

Intrepid thinkers who wish to take on the mental challenges of the 21st century choose the Master programme in Philosophy. A Bachelor in Philosophy grants access to this programme, which prepares you for a scientific or worldly career that will require analytic prowess and conceptual strength: in education, research or otherwise, in public service or commercial employment.

Admission criteria

Students with a Bachelor in Philosophy comparable to the bachelor degree in philosophy of Erasmus University Rotterdam are eligible. If you have a bachelor degree in another field combined with at least 60 ECTS in philosophy courses, you can apply for this master. The Examination Board decides on admission. An English proficiency test is part of the admission criteria.


Do you meet the requirements? Start your application in Studielink. After your application in Studielink, Erasmus University Rotterdam informs you on the further application procedure.

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