Media Studies

(Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts)

Master of Science (MSc) in Mediastudies

Immerse yourself. Get in-depth, internationally focused, social-scientific training. Study key issues in media, arts and society, and go on to a PhD or a career in research, policy, or consultancy.

Top Rated programme - Keuzegids Master 2014Grasp the main lines of theoretical inquiry and the current state of play, and
contribute to the academic debate. See how research methods create knowledge in the social sciences, and carry out your own empirical research.

Erasmus is a top-rated university in a dynamic city with Europe's largest port. This advanced, research-oriented programme is taught by top researchers, with occasional guest lectures given by renowned experts from abroad. Coursework is interactive and intensive, and can be tailored to meet individual needs.

Apply your research skills in new settings, and go on either to a PhD in sociology, art and culture studies, or media studies, or to a career outside the academy, such as in applied research, policy or consultancy.

Why study a Research Master in Media Studies in Rotterdam?

  • Cutting-edge knowledge of contemporary issues and cultural processes, and of key developments in the field.
  • Hands-on, research-oriented instruction by internationally renowned scholars in the field.
  • A cosmopolitan and intellectually stimulating learning environment.
  • Interactive and intensive coursework

Career opportunities

The degree prepares you:

  • To carry out research leading to a PhD.
  • For a career in policy, consultancy or applied research.

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Education objectives

Once you graduate you will have:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the main theoretical insights into, and academic debates within, the field.
  • A solid grasp of the latest research.
  • A practical understanding of how research methods create knowledge in the social sciences.
  • The ability to apply socialscientific knowledge and research skills in new or multidisciplinary settings.

Target audience

Talented students with an enquiring mind, who plan to pursue a PhD in Sociology, Culture, Media and the Arts should look no further than this international research master programme at Erasmus University. Also the perfect preparation for an academic or private-sector career, enrolment requires a Bachelor degree in the social sciences or the arts.

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Admission criteria

The minimum entry requirement is a university Bachelor degree Social sciences or Arts, preferably in sociology, arts and culture studies, media, or communication. You must also have a solid background in social scientific research methods (be they qualitative or quantitative) and a sufficient level of English proficiency. Among candidates who meet these requirements a further selection takes places. Priority will be given to candidates with an excellent track record in your studies as well as a strong motivation for doing research. If you already hold a master degree in one of the above fields, you may apply for an abridged version of the programme.

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Do you meet the requirements?

  • If you have a non-Dutch diploma, you start your application in the EUR Admissions Portal. 
  • If you have a Dutch secondary education diploma, you need to register with Studielink.

Please note: an International or European Baccalaureate is a non-Dutch diploma, even if it is obtained in the Netherlands!

For most programmes, Studielink opens in October prior to your starting year. For programmes with a selective admission a different procedure may be applicable.

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