Principles of Negotiation

Did you ever experience that being right and getting right are two entirely different things? Understanding the negotiation process will help you get to grips with it.

Name of minor: Principles of Negotiation
Code: MINRSM021
Teaching language: English
Offered by: Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM); Department of Technology and Operations Management
Other programmes which are contributing to the minor: not applicable
Access: See admissions matrix


In terms of academic knowledge this minor provides insight into:

  • The theory of negotiation, including behavioural decision making and decision analytic perspectives to negotiations,
  • A conceptual framework to analyze conflict situations in personal and business related settings and to design negotiation strategies to successfully resolve them.
  • Negotiation techniques and their underlying theoretical explanations.
  • Multi-party negotiations.
  • International and intercultural negotiations.
  • The role of power in negotiations and how to increase your influence and persuasion skills.
  • The role of emotions in negotiation situations.
  • Online negotiations using software agents.
  • The role of gender and personality style in negotiations
  • The role of non-verbal communications and lie detection in negotiations
  • How to manage difficult negotiations/people and the role of negotiation ethics

Learning objectives:

In terms of skills the minor will give you the opportunity to develop:

  • Your capacity to reflect and learn from your experience in handling conflict situations
  • Your proficiency in personal negotiation skills
  • Your ability to persuade others and understand their tactics in conflict situations
  • Your capacity to evaluate outcomes of negotiations 

Specific characteristics:

This course is designed for students from various backgrounds. The required skills for the course are: good knowledge of English.


Maximum number of students that can participate in the minor: 60
Minimum number of students that can participate in the minor: 20

Study load: The total minor comprises 15 ECTS = 420 hrs.

Overview modules:

This course is designed for students from various backgrounds. The required skills for the course are: good knowledge of English. 

Module 1: Negotiation Theory and Role Playing

  • Content: Students are introduced to the theory of negotiation process and apply these theoretical concepts in role plays, case studies and experiments.
  • Contact hours: Plenary lectures, 6 hours per week.
    This module consists of plenary lectures (6 hours per week), interactive negotiation exercises and simulations, movies, class discussion and guest lectures.
  • Teaching materials: Books, academic and business articles, role play instructions and movies will be used as educational material.

Module 2: Applying Negotiation Theory to a Real Life Situation

  • Content: Students do research and write up a paper (25-30 pages) on a topic of their choice, for which course concepts might provide key insights.
  • Contact hours: On average there will be one tutorial meeting per week.
    Students will work in teams and will have teamwise feedback sessions with the lecturer.

Teaching materials: Students collect their own material in consultation with the lecturer.




Method of examination:

Module 1: class participation and individual reflection journal (50%)
Module 2: paper assignment in teams of 3-5 students (50%).

There will be no individual final exam.

Contact information

Contact person:

Dr. Dimitrios Tsekouras
Phone: (010) 408 2406
Room: T09-34

Faculty website:

Minor website RSM

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