Angelien Kemna appointed endowed professor of Corporate governance and financial econometrics

On 1 September 2007 Angelien Kemna will take up her appointment as endowed professor of Corporate governance and financial econometrics at the School of Economics of the Erasmus University Rotterdam through the Vereniging Trustfonds EUR.

This professorship offers Kemna the opportunity to develop a theoretical, quantitative basis for the practical experience she has acquired over the years. “Many individual companies with specific Corporate governance problems, as well as the differences in Corporate governance between regions and medium-sized and international organisations provide ample material for modelling and empirical work”, says Kemna.
“This will allow socially relevant discussions on subjects such as remuneration or ‘the sell-out of the Netherlands’ to be put on a firmer footing”.
For Angelien Kemna the Erasmus University Rotterdam is her alma mater. “There I learned a great deal as an econometrician, was trained in financial theory and wrote my thesis on options”, adds Kemna.
After obtaining her PhD, Kemna focused on the practical side of asset management, a subject area in which she has enjoyed an impressive career. After working at Robeco she moved on to ING, where during the past six years as Director of ING Investment Management she has been responsible for the worldwide asset management of the Group, a portfolio of more than € 500 billion. Both at Robeco and ING, Angelien Kemna has initiated and supervised much new research, largely in the area of predicting stock market prices using corporate and market characteristics.
She continues: “During all these years I have remained in contact with the academic world, most recently as chairman of the board of the Tinbergen Institute. My interest in research and education has remained with me all this time. As professor, I expect to be able to resume research during the next four years, together with staff at the School and organisations in the business itself. It gives me the opportunity to translate all the experience I have gained into research and to look at where we stand now from a scientific point of view”.
Angelien Kemna has previously held a professorship. During the period from 1994 to 1999 she was part-time professor at Maastricht University, where she was primarily engaged in teaching. As well as research, Angelien Kemna will now also focus on teaching, which will involve supervising PhD candidates. Her present chair at the School of Economics of the Erasmus University Rotterdam is affiliated with the department of Applied Economics.

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R. de Groot, public relations adviser at the School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 010 4081762, 06-53641846

Publication date: 05 September 2007