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Exchange programmes and courses

Experience cosmopolitan Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam offers international students in their 3rd year of university the possibility to participate in specialised non-degree courses, either as an exchange student or as a freemover. This is your chance to upgrade your degree and enjoy the vibrant student life in the city of Rotterdam.

Exchange students

Exchange students can take non-degree courses within the framework of an exchange programme such as the Socrates-Erasmus programme of the European Commission, or a bilateral agreement. For an overview of the universities with which we have such an agreement please see partner universities.

Read more about: exchange posibillities.

Free movers

Free movers are students who would like to take courses at Erasmus University Rotterdam outside the framework of an exchange programme. Freemovers may arrange their stay on an individual basis. The contact person at the Faculty / School concerned might assist you with this. Note that the following faculties/schools do not accept free mover students:

  • Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
  • Erasmus School of Economics (ESE)
  • Erasmus School of Law (ESL)
  • Erasmus MC

Read more about: free mover possibillities.


For detailed course information, consult the relevant faculty/school:

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