Language training

The department of Student Affairs offers a wide range of courses, workshops, groups and training sessions for students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam throughout the academic year. The courses are supportive and additional to the regular studyprogramme.

Furthermore the Language and Training Centre offers courses, tests and individual feedback for employees to improve their English skills.

Language courses

The Language and Training Centre offers language courses in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Especially for foreign students there are different Dutch language courses. Although you will probably attend courses and programmes in English, some knowledge of the Dutch language will come in handy during your stay in the Netherlands. The University Language Centre organises different language courses during the academic year, ranging from three-week intensive dutch courses to beginners courses to dutch conversation courses.

Training skills

Besides language courses the Language and Training Centre also offers trainings to improve your skills: Academic Writing for Bachelor and Master students, Thesis presentation and Presentation Skills.