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Background information

The focus of EUR is relatively narrow, concentrating on the areas of Health, Wealth, Governance and Culture.

Education and students

  • Students in Bachelor’s degree programmes mainly come from Rotterdam and the surrounding area (from the region of Zuid-Holland), with the exception of medicine (limited-enrolment course).
  • International Bachelor’s degree programmes have an influx from many countries.
  • The city of Rotterdam has a relatively low number of VWO (pre-university secondary) students and a relatively high number of students from ethnic minorities at VWO schools.
  • According to the most recent education inspections (note that the results date back several years), EUR generally scores around the average in terms of education quality.
  • Business studies scores higher than the competition.
  • EUR has a strong position relating to post-initial education.


  • Medical research at EUR is among the best in the Netherlands. Philosophy and business administration score between above-average and good, and economics and law score average/below average (based on inspection figures from several years ago!).
  • EUR is good at multidisciplinary, application-oriented research.

Finance and buildings

  • EUR has a healthy financial position.
  • EUR has relatively low housing costs.
  • EUR has a relatively high income from tertiary and other cash flows; the secondary cash flow is lagging behind at Woudestein.

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