Extra leave

As part of the Employment Conditions Selection Model (ECSM), you can purchase a maximum of 10 leave days per calendar year.


Money - holiday allowance and/or end-of-year bonus


  • The value of a single day is 5.3504% of your gross annual salary based on a full-time working week. Your gross salary in January is used to determine the cost of the additional leave.
  • The leave purchased must be taken in the same calendar year.


You can apply for additional leave by submitting a completed and signed Additional Leave ECSM application form to the HR department of your organisational unit.

Please note

  • You do not have to record the leave days obtained via the Employment Conditions Selection Model, in the Employee Self Service Portal yourself. The HR department processes the hours in your leave balance, after which the balance can be seen in the portal.
  • There is no tax advantage.
  • Since the money sources decrease your salary, you do not pay social security contributions on these sources. This means that the amount of a benefit under the Unemployment Insurance Act or Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act may be lower.
  • The gross amount is deducted in one go from your selected source or sources.

More information

Please contact your HR department for more information and/or if you have any questions.