Trade union contribution

As part of the Employment Conditions Selection Model (ECSM), you can exchange sources for a tax-free reimbursement of the contribution to a trade union.


  • Time - a maximum of 10 leave days
  • Money - holiday allowance and/or end-of-year bonus


Applying for a tax-free reimbursement is possible only if the trade union concerned is a party to the CLA for Dutch Universities. These are:

  • AC/AFZ
  • CNV Publieke Zaak


You can apply for a tax-free reimbursement of the contribution to a trade union by submitting a completed Trade Union Contribution ECSM application form, signed and accompanied by any documentary evidence required, to the HR department of your organisational unit.

Please note

  • If you use leave days, they will be used as the first source.
  • Since the money sources decrease your salary, you do not pay tax or social security contributions on these sources. This means that the amount of a benefit under the Unemployment Insurance Act or Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act may be lower.
  • Payment is made one time per year based on an expense claim. Your contribution is for the coming or previous 12 months.

More information

Please contact your HR department for more information and/or if you have any questions.