Organisation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

The section Organization, Strategy and Entrepreneurship contributes to theory-based empirical research on the organization of firms, industries and markets. The department has produced a large set of publications in international leading academic journals. In addition, faculty members have considerable experience in conducting studies for policy makers and industry, and are members of the editorial board of several international journals.

Research is organized around five chairs.

Harry R. Commandeur

Industrial Dynamics

His research interests include the relationship of market structure, corporate strategy and firm performance. He publishes in journals such as Organization Science, Journal of Management, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Journal of Management Studies, Long Range Planning, Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Business Logistics.

 Jaap Paauwe

Organisation and Human Resource Management (part-time)

His main research interests are in the area of HRM and Performance, corporate strategy, organizational change and industrial relations. His latest book is on HRM and Performance: achieving long term viability (Oxford University Press, June 2004), for which he received the Dutch HRM network Award in 2005. Present research topics include HR functional excellence, HR governance, flexicurity and HRM and Performance in health care organizations, for which he is in charge of the research programme together with Institute of Health Policy and Mananagement/EUR   

Enrico Pennings

Applied Industrial Economics

His research focuses primarily on investment decisions by firms under uncertainty. He contributes to the real options literature by analyzing firms' investment in R&D, investment abroad (FDI), and incentives to firms' investment. His research agenda also comprises more general topics in industrial organization and economics of strategy, such as dynamics of research joint ventures, drivers of firms' productivity, spillovers between firms and networks. 

PhD students currently under supervision:  Thijs Nacken, Geertjan de Vries.

Roy Thurik

Economics of Entrepreneurship

His research focuses on the role of small firms in markets, the role of business owners in firms, genetic predispositions for entrepreneurial behaviour, industrial organization and policy, nascent entrepreneurship and the consequences and causes of entrepreneurship in economies. He is a scientific advisor at EIM Business and Policy Research (a Panteia company) in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. He is Research Professor of Entrepreneurship, Growth and Public Policy at the Max-Planck-Institut für Ökonomik (Max Planck Institute of Economics) in Jena, Germany.

Ph.D. students currently under supervision:  Matthijs van der Loos, Niels Rietveld.

Justus Veenman

Economic Sociology

His research focuses on social inequality, in education and on the labour market in particular. He publishes on the socioeconomic position of immigrant groups and on labour market discrimination. He is fellow of ERCOMER-Utrecht, member of the IMISCOE Network and of the Erasmus Center on Migration, Ethnicity and Health (ECMEH). 

Ph.D. student currently under supervision: Arjan Dieleman, Ruben de Bliek

Other members


  • Prof. dr. Martin Carree
  • Dr. Joern Block