Student life

Rotterdam is different. A vibrant metropolis, whose magnificent skyline is easy to recognize from afar, but which calls for some serious attention and an adventurous spirit when you are actually there. Do you have an adventurous nature or are you an adventurer?

With the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam is one of the most important drivers of the Dutch economy. While throughput operations and industry shift towards the sea, the city centre is blossoming like never before. This heritage of trade has left its legacy – Rotterdam today is a multicultural city that is home to a host of multinational and local enterprises, like Unilever, Shell and Mittal Steel.

After watching this video you probably have a good impression about all thrilling aspects of Rotterdam.


Some four million visitors find their way to the wide variety of top attractions in Rotterdam each year. The city offers something for everyone: those who love the hectic bustle of the city or those who like to see the beautiful skyline from different points of view or those who want to visit several museums and architectural highlights, but also for people who are searching for the peace and beauty of nature.


When you like shopping, Rotterdam is definitely the place to be. With the Lijnbaan and the “Koopgoot” as the two main shopping streets in town, Rotterdam is one of the most interesting shopping cities of the Netherlands. All main brands can be found in one of these streets, as well as two huge department stores, the V&D and the Bijenkorf.


When you do not feel like cooking, Rotterdam has several opportunities for dining out. In the areas of Kralingen and Oude Haven, you can find typical student dining cafés like De Dijk, Concordia and Villa Kakelbont, where you can order a meal for 6-10 Euro. Read more >>


Dance events, clubbing until deep in the morning, partying in a student café or easily having a social drink with some friends, Rotterdam has it all. Very often there are huge dance events in the Maassilo, a former storage building which is now used for dance events. If you would like to go to a discotheque you can best visit the Club Vie, Off Corso or Thalia lounge for clubbing all night.


When you live in the Netherlands, you need to know which supermarkets are most convenient for doing your regular shopping for food and other basic products. The largest supermarket organization in the Netherlands is the Albert Heijn.

Student Associations

As a new international student in an unknown city, the impressions might be overwhelming. To gather students in the same situation as yours, there are several student associations you can join. The ESN is a special association for internationally oriented students.


During the year Rotterdam hosts a few amazing festivals. In January-February the International Film Festival Rotterdam takes place, where you can watch amazing movies all over the city at any cinema. Every year in May, hundreds of sportive people are running for charitable organizations in the Roparun.