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Information systems

IT- and Computer facilities
Erasmus School of Economics is familiar for its excellent IT-and computer facilities, especially for students. The ESE PC Lab consists of nine rooms and three mail-walls with a total of more than 200 computers. Moreover there is a room with 10 plug-in points for portable computers.

Opening hours computer rooms
The Opening hours of the computer rooms are from Monday till Friday from 08:00 till 21:00. Please pay attention to the fact that in the summer months July and August the rooms are open from 08:00 till 17:30. So, during the opening hours of the rooms, you can always search on the web, write reports and make your tasks alone or with your fellow students.

IT for students
If you register on time at the Registration Office of Erasmus University Rotterdam you will receive a temporary account data. With this information you can already make use of the IT-facilities of the ESE before you start with your study, for example, log in on the PC, log in on Blackboard and email. When your registration is definite, your account will as from September get a permanent status. Please look for more information about the facilities on IT-facilities for students.

Education information systems
For education purposes ESE makes use of three information systems: Blackboard, Sin-Online and Osiris. With these systems you can online consult your timetable, course information and your grades. To find all information systems together on a one page please login on www.myeur.nl.

The Erasmus Remote Network Access facility (ERNA) provides Internet access for all students from home or elsewhere outside the university. Access to this facility requires an ERNA account. The ERNA account is also used to protect sensitive online information on the ESE channel. At www.erna.nl you can find all the information about these facilities.

Students will receive their ERNA account login information by regular mail before the start of the study year. If you did not receive anything, you can ask for your login information on the first day of the ESE take-off.

English as main language
As you can see almost all the information about the PC lab of ESE is in English. We have made this decision to make all information accessible for both Dutch and foreign students. 

ESE Helpdesk
If you can not find the information you require or if the supplied information is not comprehensible, please don't hesitate to contact the employees of the ESE helpdesk. The helpdesk is in room H03-13. The helpdesk provides support for the PC Lab and the remote-access facility. (If the helpdesk isn't staffed, you can go to the ESE staff support in H04-32.)