When you do not feel like cooking, Rotterdam has several opportunities for dining out. In the areas of Kralingen and Oude Haven, you can find typical student dining cafes like De Dijk and Concordia, where you can order a meal for 6-10 Euro.

If you prefer fast, cheap and good Italian food, you should go to Va Piano, Happy Italy or the Very Italian Pizza. At these places you can get a delicious pasta or pizza for little money.

For Chinese food, you should go to Rotterdam-West, where there are few of the best Dim Sum restaurants of the country. In the Witte de Withstraat, a beautiful street with lovely shops, you can eat at the Bazar. Here you can eat stunning food from Northern Africa and the Middle East for a reasonable price. Other restaurants with affordable food are Beercafe Boudewijn, Sijf, de Hofnar and de Beurs.