BA-students and pre-master: register for Master programmes

Students can register for a Master programme at the ESE until the 1st of August 2012. At the end of block 5 all students will receive detailed information on the registration procedure via the Sin-Online channel ‘ESE students’. 

In order to be admitted to a Master programme at the ESE you have to have completed all parts of your Bachelor programme (Bachelor before Master rule). You can only apply as soon as you know whether, and if yes which resits you will have to take. You have to indicate these subjects on your registration form. This implies that a large number of students will only be able to register in July. Only students that have fully completed the Bachelor programme are allowed to register before that.

In case you just failed to comply with the conditions you can file for dispensation of the admission criteria. The examination commission will determine whether dispensation of the admission criteria is possible based on the request itself and your study progress. Do not hand in your request on its own, but always as attachment to your registration form!

In case the grade for your Bachelor thesis is not registered in Osiris before August 1st you must attach a thesis statement of your thesis supervisor to your registration form. Your supervisor can download this statement from the employee website as from July.

For more information on the registration procedure please consult our website. In case you have any questions please visit the information desk at the Education Service Centre in H6-02.

It is nice to note that a total of three new master programmes will be offered at the ESE as from September 2012! More information on these programmes will follow in the next newsletter.

Publication date: 04 May 2012