The thesis

The thesis

The thesis is an individual (or individually assessed) assignment about a subject from your Master’s degree programme. As of September 2010 all theses should be written individually.

Official requirements

The Examination Committee ESE has drawn up a list of official requirements which a thesis must meet.

The Writing Process

Writing a thesis is not always easy. You will find more information about the various stages of writing a thesis under the heading 'the writing process'. All the various activities involved in each stage are explained with tips as to how best to go about these tasks.  

Thesis Defence

Defending the Master’s thesis

Once you or your supervisor are of the opinion that your Master’s thesis has been completed it still needs to be defended. Your thesis will be checked by your supervisor for plagiarism and for too much overlap with your Bachelor’s thesis. Together your supervisor and co-reader will determine the final version of your thesis by completing and signing the Thesis Assessment Report. This report will be sent to the Examination Administration by your supervisor.

If you meet all the necessary requirements to graduate you can apply for your Master’s examination at the Examination Administration.

The Master’s Examination is a meeting of the thesis committee. The thesis committee consists of your supervisor and co-reader. This meeting of the thesis committee is scheduled by the Examination Administration to last one hour in total and it will take place in one of the examination rooms in the A building. Prior to this meeting the supervisor decides in consultation with you and the co-reader whether this meeting is public or private.

At this meeting you will give a short presentation about the subject of your thesis. After that you will have to answer critical questions about the content of your thesis.

At the end of the meeting, the thesis committee will determine the final grade for the Master’s thesis based on the assessment report and the thesis defence. This grade is a 6 or above. The thesis committee also decides the judicium of the Master’s Examination and after a celebratory speech presents you with your Master’s degree certificate.

Thesis Database

All ESE theses are stored in the ESE Thesis Database by the Departments. You can indicate on the Thesis Assessment Form whether your thesis can be read by everyone or only by ESE students and employees or by nobody at all.

If you provide the secretariat of the department with an abstract and five key words of your thesis it will be included in the thesis database. This will make it easier for others to find your thesis.

You can consult the database via the website of the University Library or directly via:

Thesis Awards

Various Dutch and international organisations present thesis awards. Click here for an overview of these thesis awards.