School Council Elections 2012

In May the Erasmus School of Economics will be holding elections for the School Council (in Dutch: Faculteitsraad). The School Council consists of 14 members, with an equal representation of students and employees (7 of each). This year there will be elections for the student council only. The elections will be open for all students of ESE. In the student newsletter of February 3 there was a pre-announcement of the elections.

If you wish to apply for candidacy you  need to download an application form from the website of the EUR at From 27 February, this form will also be available at H6-26.

To support your candidacy you need to collect signatures of five students. Students can only support one candidate.  The filled in form has to be handed in at the Dean's Office (H6-26) between 27 February and 12 March at 12:00 hours. After 12:00 hours, no forms will be taken in anymore.The time schedule of the whole election procedure can be seen here (Dutch only)

A list of all students eligible to vote will be available at H6-26 from 27 February. If you wish to make corrections to this election list there will be a correction form available at H6-26, which can be filled in until 6 March.

The School Council is considering its debating language (which is currently Dutch). International students are invited to apply for candidacy. However, they should take into account that meetings and papers will be (partly) in the Dutch language. This is because we cannot translate certain complicated issues, that deal (for example) with Dutch legislations. Council members are offered Dutch language classes.

See for more information

For more information about the School Council:
For more information about the election committee and election regulations at ESE:
For more information about the elections of the councils in general see The site has an English part. Look here for the full timeschedule j2012 ESE School Council elections (pdf). This document is in Dutch.

Publication date: 27 February 2012