Enjoying and looking forward

Three months have gone by since the year 2012 has started and the EFR-Business Week has come to an end. We can look back on a huge success with a full auditorium during the Opening Day, satisfied students and companies during the Company Days, a great weekend in Berlin for a lucky group of 60 students, an extraordinary 3:1 proportion of students vs. CEO’s at the Conference Day and to conclude a magnificent party in Staal. The EFR-Business Week committee has really honored the theme ‘Out of the Box’!

Unfortunately we do not have a lot of time to look back on this. Besides the fact that April and May have lots of activities to fill our agendas, the recruitment for the 49th EFR-Board has already started. This means that we are looking forward to the transition period and everything it includes. The next two months will be in the spirit of solicitations, full agendas, finishing our own Board year and enjoying our last moments together. Because before you know, the academic year is over and we will be returning to our study books!

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Publication date: 01 April 2012