PhD defence of Pinar Ceyhan on Thursday 4 September 2014

Essays on Bayesian Analysis of Time Varying Economic Patterns

PhD defence of Dennie van Dolder on Thursday 25 September 2014

Game Shows, Gambles, and Economic Behavior

PhD defence of Sander Gerritsen on Friday 26 September 2014

Essays On The Production Of Human Capital

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Professors Jansen and Volberda on Thomson Reuters’ list of most influential scientific minds

According to Thompson Reuters, ERIM Fellows Justin Jansen en Henk Volberda are among “the best and the brightest scientific minds of our time.”

Planetary Boundaries Workshop

2 July, the Eco-Transformation Centre at RSM organised a one-day workshop to discuss and set the research agenda for meaningful action to flourish within Planetary Boundaries.

Professor Henk Volberda appeared in Dutch television program “Nieuwsuur”

On Tuesday July 15th, 2014, the Dutch program “Nieuwsuur” broadcasted an item about the role of small companies to come up with innovations that may disrupt existing markets. In this news item, Prof. Henk Volberda speaks about the role disruptive innovations.


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Awarded Grants and Prizes

Year   Scientist Budget Title
2013 NWO Veni

Dr.J.L.W. van Kippersluis


Lifting the lid on socioeconomic disparities in health

2013 NWO Vidi

Prof. dr. P. Verwijmeren


Identifying Insider Trading

2013 NWO Vidi

Prof. dr. M.G. de Jong


Online privacy in a globalized world 

2012 Marie Curie - IIF

Dr. H. Nam 


Social Tag Maps 

2012 Marie Curie - IEF

D. Tafreschi M.Sc.


Body Weight Dynamics 

2012 Netspar

Prof. dr. ir. B.G.C. Dellaert & Prof. dr. B. Donkers


 Customer Value Chains

2012 NWO Veni

Dr. D. Veenman


Executive inside debt ownership and the quality of external financial reporting

2012 Marie Curie-IEF

Dr. A.C. Gielen

€ 183,805

The causal effect of work on health

2012 NWO Veni

Dr. D. Veenman


Executive inside debt ownership and the quality of external financial reporting




Selected Publications

List of publications

  • Dittmann, I., Maug, E.G. & Spalt, O. (2010). Sticks or carrots? Optimal CEO compensation when managers are loss-averse. The Journal of Finance, 65(6), 2015-2050.

  • Lemmon, M., Liu, L. X., Mao, Q. & Nini, G. (2014). Securitization and Capital Structure in Nonfinancial Firms: An Empirical Investigation. The Journal of Finance, Accepted.

  • Abdellaoui, M., Baillon, A., Placido, L. & Wakker, P.P. (2011). The Rich Domain of Uncertainty: Source Functions and Their Experimental Implementation. The American Economic Review, 101(2), 695-723.

  • Stoop, J.T.R., Noussair, C.N. & Soest, van, D.P. (2012). From the lab to the field: Cooperation among fishermen. The Journal of Political Economy, 120(6), 1027-1056.

  • Baillon, A., l'Haridon, O. & Placido, L. (2011). Ambiguity Models and the Machina Paradoxes. The American Economic Review, 101(4), 1547-1560.
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