Study Advisers

Welcome to the website of the Study Advisers of the ESE. The Study Advisers are the first point of contact for students and prospective students of the ESE. They give advice and guidance when students face circumstances which can influence study progress.

Who are the study advisers?

  • ms. I.J. Galama
  • ms. L. Schmit
  • ms. K. Goudzwaard

For which kind of issues can you contact the study advisers?

The study advisers also refer to:
Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC)

Student counsellors

University psychologists

Contact and availability

Open hours 
(10 min.)
Contact by phone Email Appointment
(30 min.)

Mon - Thu 
from 13.00h till 14.30h
in the Tinbergen Building, room H6-02

Mon - Thu 
from 15.00h till 16.00h
+31(0)10 408 1380
incl. student number, first and last name

via Information Desk

It is recommended to ask your question during the open hours or a consult by phone before you make an appointment with one of the Study Advisers.

Changes in the availability of the study advisers

Please note there can be daily changes in the availability of the team of Study Advisers. There is a summer schedule for the summer and the university is closed on national holidays.

Date Change Reason
2 July 2015 No telephone consultation  no study advisers availabe