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W.A.H Spekkink

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Wouter Spekkink

W.A.H Spekkink MSc.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Erasmus University Rotterdam


T: 010-4082129

T: 010-4082526


Room: T17-23



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Professional experience

PhD Candidate
University Erasmus University Rotterdam
School Faculty of Social Sciences
Department Department of Public Administration
Country The Netherlands


Wouter Spekkink is a PhD student within the public administration department since August 1st, 2010.

He studied Public Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Wouter wrote his master thesis on the redevelopment of business sites. He investigated how the perspectives of actors on the complexity of redevelopment projects influences their capacity to address redevelopment in a collective manner. After obtaining his master degree, Wouter worked at the Public Administration department of the EUR as a junior researcher for one year. He participated in two research projects, one of which was about the redevelopment of a neighbourhood of the city of Rotterdam, and one of which was about evolution of industrial symbiosis in industrial parks in the Netherlands. Wouter’s PhD project is to some extent a continuation of the industrial symbiosis project. In his PhD project Wouter studies the role of social and organizational aspects in the emergence and development of industrial symbiosis between firms in regional industrial systems. Adefining feature of his research is the application of a process- oriented approach.


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