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Research Master: Tinbergen Institute Master of Philosophy in Economics

Research Master specialisation Finance

The Tinbergen Institute is the graduate school and research institute in economics of the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The Tinbergen Institute offers a two year MPhil programme in economics that is part of a five-year PhD track.

The best start for an academic career in Economics, Econometrics and Finance.

The Tinbergen Institute MPhil programme meets the standards of the best international graduate schools in economics and econometrics, within the Dutch institutional setting. It primarily aims to prepare students for PhD research in economics, econometrics and finance. To this end, it attracts and selects students from the international pool of potential PhD students in economics, econometrics and finance, and offers them two years of PhD-level coursework and research training. It provides students with ample opportunity to explore the wide variety of research groups and researchers in the three departments before they settle down for MPhil thesis research and, usually, a PhD employment position with an advisor of their choice.

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