ECE Get Started is an intense, ten week programme to empower ambitious, first-time start-up entrepreneurs. Supported by a wide range of tools and insights you will test if your idea is worth pursuing and turn it into a scalable business.

You will have access to a great place to work and you will get feedback from the ECE Community, which contains many successful entrepreneurs. The programme aims to contribute to the success of your start-up and will have a lasting impact on your entrepreneurial career.

What you get?

  • A Curriculum filled with the latest insights on starting a business
  • Feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and experienced coaches
  • Your own Workplace at the new ECE Campus
  • Access to MyECE, your online learning environment
  • Become part of a vibrant entrepreneurial Community

What to do?

  1. Schedule a meeting
  2. Pitch your idea to us
  3. Get accepted
  4. Get Started

Want more info or want to apply right away? Start your entrepreneurial journey here.


Startup & Growth Insights

Introducing StudentLens

"I had my initial business idea, however, I knew it would take me much more than an idea to get this venture off the ground"

Joost Schreurs | Founder @ StudentLens

Improving Connection and Communication

"I felt that I required additional coaching and entrepreneurial mentorship; that's when I discovered the Programme."

Peggy Simons | Founder @ bKonneKt

Don't just watch shows. Join them!

"The Programme influenced my entrepreneurial skills, the networking and receiving feedback from my peers."

Julien de Waal | Founder @ Showrush


Investing in your future. This project is partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union

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