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The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship challenges you to come at our Campus and to start your business TODAY!

Throw those ideas of yours on the table, and start building the right structure around your idea. In only 10 weeks you will be able to develop your personal skills as entrepreneur, and you will be able to meet, network and pitch in front of the ECE Community.

The Startup & Growth programmes support entrepreneurs from the beginning to the end. With our particular programs, you will be working with a group of entrepreneurs in a similar development stage and experience.


Startup & Growth Insights

Introducing StudentLens

"I had my initial business idea, however, I knew it would take me much more than an idea to get this venture off the ground"

Joost Schreurs | Founder @ StudentLens

From Vision to Reality

"I think it's [Get Started Programme] incredible. I don't say it lightly, but it's really changed my life in a really great way."

Sebastiaan Hols | Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship Student

Improving Connection and Communication

"I felt that I required additional business coaching and entrepreneurial mentorship; that's when I discovered the ECE's Get Started Programme."

Peggy Simons | Founder @ bKonneKt

Don't just watch shows. Join them!

"The programme influenced the way I thought as an entrepreneur; the business contacts I was able to make; and working with and receiving feedback from other entrepreneurs."

Julien de Waal | Founder @ Showrush

Excited to start? We will start soon the pilot version of the new programmes. Curious how it works? Get in contact or come to one of our information sessions to learn more.

Be sure you register at the link above. For further questions send an email to


Investing in your future. This project is partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union


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